• Forward Thinking
    • Innovation is more than a game-changer

      It’s where we excel at harnessing the power of technology so you can thrive on change. It’s big ideas that lead to next-generation IT services and solutions. It’s how our experts work with you to deliver new outcomes for your enterprise and move the bar for your industry.

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      Economist Intelligence Unit survey reveals how enterprises are investing in digital transformation.

      Explore strategies for accelerating digital transformation and opportunities for delivering better data-driven business outcomes. Gain insights from our CTOs and business leaders.

      In the future, you may not want to pay top dollar for a front-row seat. AR, VR and AI are transforming the fan experience at live events, as shown by our DXC Drive app. CTO Dan Hushon and CMO Gary Stockman explain in CRN.

      In a groundbreaking initiative with Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan and The Scott-Morgan Foundation, DXC and our partners are demonstrating the potential of AI to improve and transform the quality of life for people throughout the world.

      How do you architect the business and IT for the digital age? Review these draft standards and best practices crafted by members of The Open Group, including DXC.

      Reskilling is critical for digital transformation. DXC is using open badges and guilds to create AI training that is collaborative and relevant. CTO Dan Hushon and AI lead and DXC Fellow Jerry Overton explain in this CIO article.

      Digital moonshots, apps at the edge and information enlightenment are among the digital trends driving business in 2019. As we move through 2019, what digital trend affects you the most? How are you preparing? Watch the video and read the article.

  • Innovators
    • Meet DXC Technology innovators

      Our technologists achieve extraordinary results for clients and advance the state of the art for complex integration and next-generation technologies.


      DXC teams are delivering extraordinary results for clients and accelerating their digital transformations. Read about these innovative digital solutions in banking, healthcare, insurance, transportation, workplace, cloud, apps, security and analytics.

      Teams need to be able to try new approaches quickly, learn, and share their learnings. Experimentation needs to be expected — and respected. DXC’s Awards for Technical Excellence honor innovation and inspire a culture that is not afraid to experiment.

      2019 Update: Meet the newest members of our technology community who are achieving extremely high levels of personal and community development and driving next-gen technology into their domains.

      Successful digital projects tend to have one important quality, says DXC CTO Dan Hushon: a well-known goal at the end, but few instructions on how to get there. The ability to experiment, learn and share — and then repeat at scale — is vital.

      Join our live DXC TechTalks, hosted by DXC CTO Dan Hushon, or watch a replay. We talk all things tech, via video and online chat.

  • Leading Edge Forum
    • Leveraging industry trends and next practices

      Leading Edge Forum (LEF) is an independent think tank committed to helping clients embrace opportunities created by disruption.

      With our global ecosystem of industry-leading practitioners, disruptors and innovators, LEF creates progressive research and next-practice advisory interventions that agitate clients to activate change and accelerate impact with their own organizations and customers.

      “Digital transformation” (DT) has become an almost unavoidable buzzword. But while it’s easy to dismiss catchy phrases of the day, their rise and fall usually tell us something about marketplace developments. This report provides a 10-step DT action plan.

      Companies can gain or lose a competitive edge through ethical or unethical technologies, respectively. This paper proposes a series of interventions around ethics that evolve with the maturity of a product or service.

      It’s time to devolve the enterprise architect role into its three components: the strategist, the engineer who creates the technology designs, and the custodian who applies technology standards for consistency, safety and cost efficiency.

      In the asymmetric war for the future of banking, incumbents need to bring into play valuable intangible assets that they hold: customers, partners, trust and licenses.

  • DXC Labs
    • Exploring the future for your business today

      What emerging technology is inspiring you today?

      That is a question we work on every day at DXC Labs. We research and build reference architectures and prototypes for practical business use cases. We work with alliance and frontier partners, and technologists across DXC Technology, to ensure the company is fully equipped with the emerging digital technologies it needs to lead clients through accelerating change.

      Our DXC Labs | Security team develops strategic and architectural insights to reduce digital risk.

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      DXC Labs at work
      DXC Labs Explores Emerging Tech for Transformation

      Connected devices are great but they must be secure. DXC Labs has created a secure framework for connecting cyber-physical systems leveraging distributed ledger technology.

      Get in the driver’s seat! Check out cool virtual reality demos by DXC Labs at the DXC Technology 600 IndyCar race.

      Quantum computing will solve problems that are unsolvable today, because quantum processors are a million times faster than today’s computers. This will have a huge impact on the way we do business.

      If people can use digital wallets, why not machines? Expect a host of new business models as machine-to-machine payments take hold.

      Go inside the labs.

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